Invisible things by Noëlle Maline

With the flicker of a bird .. I prefer distractions and being interrupted . These days , I am a luggage organizer , book filer and background diorama painter .. I look at the night sky and watch old films .. Collect shadows and uncertainties .. I make art with fragments and broken images .. Paper , things and sounds .


dodo before it was extict

uncovered: 350-year-old picture of a dodo before it was extict

The drawing, which dates from the late 1600s, offers a rare insight into the appearance of the flightless bird that was the first recorded casualty of human interference in the habitat of other creatures.

Uncovered: 350-year-old picture of dodo before it was extinct
The inscription above the bird, 'Dronte', was the Dutch 17th-century name for the dodo
Dodos were the main predators on Mauritius until settlers introduced bigger animals to Indian Ocean island, including pigs. Many were shipped to Europe as curiosities or had their nesting areas destroyed and the species was extinct by 1700.

The 350-year-old drawing, described by Christie's as “vibrant”, is one of a small number of images of the unfortunate bird whose demise was largely unnoticed until a dodo featured in Lewis Carroll’s popular 1865 book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Painted by an unknown artist of the 17th century Dutch school in about 1650, the unframed 10x8 inch picture is expected to fetch up to £6,000 when it is sold by Christie’s in London on July 9.

The auction house believes it differs from existing images, many of which were drawn from a small number of dodos that were put on display in Europe, some of which were later stuffed.


what's the secret max?

max- the secret?

mr. bloom- ya well, you seem to have it pretty figured out.

max- secret i don't know , uh...
         i think you just have to find something you love and do it for the rest of your life.

by the way,
i'm watching rushmore..


nancy and david

nancy cunard's feathers


the a,b,c's of david lynch


glass half full with rain water

rain rain rain
stupid stupid rain
 {comes to mind- the way emma thompson says it in impromtu}

what to do on a rainy -thundery- up to here in water
sort of day?
oh- watch and do a little bit of this and that.
how about three great stories about some pianists?

~ Shine
~ Amadeus
~ Impromptu


with no formal training

Deborah Turbeville

self portrait

casa no name

Deborah Turbeville was born and brought up between Boston, 
Massachusetts and the rock bound coast of Maine. At the age of 20 she moved
 to New York City and began working for the avant garde designer Claire McCardell.  
With no formal schooling other than the advanced seminars she attended 
with Richard Avedon and art director Marvin Israel, she launched herself into a career photography.


i have an unfortunate personality

i hate television. i hate it as much as peanuts.
but i can't stop eating peanuts.

In the mid-1950s, Welles began work on Don Quixote, initially a commission from CBS television. Welles expanded the film to feature length, developing the screenplay to take Quixote and Sancho Panza into the modern age. Filming stopped with the death of Francisco Reiguera, the actor playing Quixote, in 1969. Orson Welles continued editing the film into the early 1970s. At the time of his death, the film remained largely a collection of footage in various states of editing. The project and more importantly Welles's conception of the project changed radically over time. A version of the film was created from available fragments in 1992 and released to a very negative reception.

i feel i have to protect myself against things...
so i'm pretty careful to lose most of them.

[ 3 quotes- orson wells ]


play continually on loop

i would drive over to middle earth records about once a week 
and take all my allowance from chores and washing cars...
 spend hours looking for those hard to find albums.
one band that was tops on my list:


sometimes i would buy both the album and 
cassette tape
so i could play it in my 1966 blue
karmann gia immediately upon leaving.

these sort of obscure
sounds would sometimes be played continually
over and over 
for days on end...

some of my friends would just look at me
and say under their breath-
'your weird.'

but then say-
'you make life fun.'

'i do my best..'


i miss this...

bear jamboree at disneyland
that is no longer there.

this one is in japan.


happy birthday to Walt!

it's Mr. Disney's birthday today.
December 5th, 1901.

[here he is in a trailer screenshot, 
1937 for snow white]

I think a trip out to his park would be most 
appropriate for this occasion.
i will have some popcorn and 
say hello.

[Walt was an ambulance driver during WW1
and here with ambulance decorated by himself]

here's a little about 
how he founded Laugh-O-Gram Studios:
In May 1922, Disney founded Laugh-O-Gram Films with $15,000. The company got an $11,000 contract to produce six fairy tale cartoons forPictorial Clubs, Inc., which went bankrupt; a seventh fairy tale was sold to them separately. Among Disney's employees on the series were several pioneers of animation: Ub IwerksHugh HarmanRudolph IsingCarmen Maxwell, and Friz Freleng.
The company had problems making ends meet: by the end of 1922, Disney was living in the office, taking baths once a week at Union Station.
Thomas McCrum, a Kansas City dentist saved him from total failure when he commissioned Disney for $500 for Tommy Tucker's Tooth[1][2], a short subject showing the merits of brushing your teeth.[3]
After creating one last short, the live-action/animation Alice's Wonderland, the studio declared bankruptcy in July 1923. Disney then moved to Hollywood, California. Disney sold his movie camera, earning enough money for a one-way train ticket; he brought along an unfinished reel of Alice's Wonderland.

[Walt Disney, 1926 - Clara Cleans her Teeth]

and i just want to say thanks..
 for creating such a 
wonderful place for us all to go 
for showing us how to be 
magical and creative ourselves....
and to never stop trying.


3 birds segment

a few songs that may or my not have been in my head the last fews days.
for your listening and viewing pleasure:

no.1 - white noise

no.2 - lena lovich

no.3 - the dead weather
to be continued...


Fritz Lang

this is simply wonderful.

musica: michael nyman


Queen of the Leica

Ilse bing

the invisible has to be pictured
the unspeakable has to be said
the unthinkable has to be dreamed
the intangible has to be held tight
but do not touch it with your finger

maker of the picture


Holiday for Trout

This year for the thanksgiving/turkey 
day holiday today...
We will be having Trout.

Have a lovely Fish Holiday!

Rosemary Trout Dijon 

by the Campfire

 ingredients needed:

  • Fresh caught Lake Trout
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Olive Oil
  • Rosemary
Cooking instructions:
In a cup or bowl, make a sauce of about 50% dijon mustard and 50% olive oil. Mix well, then slather liberally over all sides of your trout fillets. Sprinkle lot's of fresh rosemary over the trout (all sides) and then wrap trout into foil packets.

Place directly on hot coals of the fire for about 10 minutes per side, depending on how much trout is in each packet. Open up and dig in!
If you have some onion, slice it up and throw it in as well. No dijon? Almost any decent mustard will do. Don't use the plain old bright yellow mustard though. Only the good stuff.


then till now - the box

was in love with this then..
still now..

and it still plays in my car...
- monsters exist -

she had an horror of rooms
she was tired you can't hide beat
when i looked in her eyes
they were blue but nobody home

she could've been a killer
if she didn't walk the way she do
and she do
she opened strange doors
that we'd never close again

adding machines, an old studio

I found a little table that looks almost just like this
at the flea market a month back...
right now it is in the hall and
my typewriter is the perfect size
for sitting on it.

and this man in the above photo is using it for
his adding machine.

it is raining today. 
my fingers are cold.
i don't think i will type today.

also -
There is a space in a building that was built in 1926 that looks like old Havana that i can't stop thinking about. I am still awaiting a phone call from the manager to let me know when the former office furniture are planning on vacating. 


november day in the life of

yesterday i went to take my old jalopy
to the fix it shop...perhaps no wheels for a while.

then went over and got a street taco
at the san pedro farmers market
and picked up my art from the
skate shop.
they said two of them had fallen on the floor
and the glass broke.

and then over to storage- 
i came across some more of my vintage
bird masks and props in some random boxes

scenes form Judex kept coming into my mind

-a scene is from a wonderful movie

then today when i was checking messages and such...
i came across this picture of one of my old cloth bird masks
on a friend.





i woke up in my home today
and i like my little place

your home reflects who you are
so they say

and my house is a mess
it's my fault though

moving back and forth
and everywhere else
i'm a mess
or so i say

they told me this might become a problem
thinking that the grass was greener
on the other side

that oz isn't over there

and i always knew that somehow

this is a film called 


a young girl's private world becomes
far more real than everyone else's
day to day life...

astoundingly neglected, this exercise in
the horror genre is as disturbing as any
film with a flashier budget and special effects.

Bay fog

suitcase packed
cleaned car
tank full
ready for drive
 a road trip
points up north
city by the bay
and listen to this on the way...

to be continued...



a little movie james and i made on top of 
30 rock...

for me...

happy birthday to me!


dream machine

time is a great teacher...
but unfortunately it kills all it's pupils. 


chimney sweeps

last night i saw the most wonderful chimney sweep costume on a man out at disneyland for the halloween party. i didn't get a photo- but i have a splendid picture in my head...

and then

i'll start working on this costume...



Leo Vincey, told by his dying uncle of a lost land 
visited 500 years ago by his ancestor, heads out with family friend Horace Holly to try to discover the land and its secret of immortality, said to be contained within a mystic fire. Picking up Tanya, a guide's daughter, in the frozen Russian arctic, they stumble upon Kor, revealed to be her long lost lover John Vincey, Leo's ancestor. [1935 She]


here in the town of machine...

dead man and a few quotes :

coarse you can't put much stock in a man who spends most of a 
conversation talkin' to a bear...
talkin' to a goddamn bear.

look out the window...and doesn't it remind you of when you were 
in the boat?

they are shooting buffalo, government says...
it killed a million of em' last year alone.

that doesn't explain why you've come all the way out here...
all the way out here to hell.

i make flowers out of paper,   smell...
what does it smell like?

it's better to be Nobody,  then He Who Talks But Says Nothing.

did you kill the white man that killed you?
i'm not dead,  am i?


i found at the flea today..

spent all day at the antique flea market.
talked to some people.
an interesting man named rick who i had seen before and got a nice old typewriter table from.
a women that i bought a gypsy costume from. we talked about our relatives back in prague.

here are the finds i found :

- an orange california rainbow bowl [ fake bauer with rings]
- gypsy halloween costume from 1940's [with black lace mask]
- photo of two women in sombrero's and western skirts on horses in front of rock [1906]

stopped and had a hot dog...

- small art deco utilitarian typewriter table with wheels [1940's]
- vintage yellow dress that smells like fomalderhyde or old moth balls
- a wind up skunk toy with 'caution' sign in his mouth along with some other orphaned toys
- phillips 66 gas station tire display holder

and now to find some salmon sushi...