Invisible things by Noëlle Maline

With the flicker of a bird .. I prefer distractions and being interrupted . These days , I am a luggage organizer , book filer and background diorama painter .. I look at the night sky and watch old films .. Collect shadows and uncertainties .. I make art with fragments and broken images .. Paper , things and sounds .


securing the figures

above is an unusual aquarium diorama from the Zymoglyphic Museum...
here are three very different image examples of what a
diorama specialist might do:
[side note -one of my top ten dream jobs would be
a diorama specialist.]
This is a diorama at the Colorado History Museum...
Carlotta Espinoza is working to secure the figures,
many of which she resculpted during restoration work in the 1980s,
shown above. The diorama was cut into four sections Friday as the museum packs up for its move into a new building.

and below - with some wonderfully detailed bird poo on the rocks, is a scene from the Museo de historia natual de Milan.

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