Invisible things by Noëlle Maline

With the flicker of a bird .. I prefer distractions and being interrupted . These days , I am a luggage organizer , book filer and background diorama painter .. I look at the night sky and watch old films .. Collect shadows and uncertainties .. I make art with fragments and broken images .. Paper , things and sounds .


the arduous archive

i have been putting together an archive 
of things that i have been 
going through..
boxes of of my family's things
and then other things that i come across in
other boxes.
boxes and boxes..

this is a little suitcase of orphans from bohemia.

go to


..on collecting scents

something very fascinating and intriguing to me..

on my list of invisible things.

a memory of when i first heard about about this was a reaction of
What The .....
and then ongoing puzzlement.

they would sneak into people's apartments and steal their underwear or pull hair from the drain.

When the Berlin Wall fell, the Stasi headquarters were ransacked. In a small room revellers found hundred of jars labelled with people’s names and stuffed with pieces of fabric. These pieces of fabric contained the smell of hundreds of people that the secret police considered to be dissenters, and were to be used to train East German smell hounds. The jars can now be seen in the Stasi Museum in Berlin.

There were a number of tactics that the Stasi used to collect smells, originally they handed the subjects a yellow cloth and asked them to wipe an armpit or groin. Then they invented "the smell sample chair", a perforated metal chair with a tray underneath the seat where they put the yellow cloth to collect sweat and scent which dropped down. Finally, they also broke into peoples homes and stole their clothes and underwear.

In 2007, the German authorities revived this tactic and started to put together a database of scents, they began with possible violent protesters at the G8 summit who were made to hold metal rods from which their scents were collected.

The smell of Stasi fabrics was recreated this year by contemporary art curator Robert Blackson and his smell consultants, in an art exhibition called “If There Ever Was – a book of extinct and impossible smells”. Along with the Stasi smell, they created the smell of the sun (similar to brass polish), of Hiroshima (metallic and pungent) and the Mir Space Station (the smell of sweaty socks – vodka and body odour meant that Mir’s air filtration system became blocked with formaldehyde and stopped working)

NASA employs a team to smell every single piece of equipment which goes onto its space flights. George Aldrich and his team ensure that no items which could change the delicate balance of the climate of the International Space Station and the space shuttle. 


middle of November

yesterday is rained.
watched Tron...
while the rain poured down in the street and made a river with leaves.

today for brunch. another variation on the poached egg on toast.
wheat toast, avocado,vine tomato, red onion, poached egg and sprouts on top.

it was misty and wet outside.
went for a walk in the park with fugu.

added some more of my art to my Invisible Things page -

going to start an archive of photos for a tumblr of all the things i am having to get rid of.
An Arduous Archive.. it will be called.
i have got to get out of this rut.
too many things cluttering around me.
i can't keep my family's things forever.

this year has been focused on the gallery and moving it twice and opening it up twice.
so much work and energy involved.
next year i would like to go on many more trips and adventures.
i would also like to make more and get much more of my art work out in the world


paper flowers

On this day
...7 years ago
my mother took her life.

She called me that morning and asked if I could bring over a movie and
a german chocolate milkshake.
I grabbed Big Fish and went over there....

I walked in the house and
I found my mom in the bath tub.
She had shot herself in the head.

On the dining room table..
She had organized important folders, papers and instructions for me.

There was also a note from her that said...

' You might not know this.. but I have always been your biggest fan....
I know you better than you know yourself perhaps...

This life is for the living.. Go live it!
 Don't keep my things.
Those things I collected, were my memories....
You have your own memories to create...

 Most importantly..
Always follow your dreams.

I love you now.
And I will love you always. '

i miss her dearly
love you mom


they hunt

after the humans...

shall be an inspiration
for me going back in a time machine
when i did hares?


my three cats

front to back...

henry walking by

cookie and my toes


a sunday morning

this was my breakfast-
egg in a nest 
with mrs. dash and pepper

while listening to the sounds of
desmond dekker
from the Drugstore Cowboy soundtrack
[still love this movie -even after 20 times]

took a long walk with fugu 
in the park and laid 
on the grass  while watching
the squirels



like a heartbeat

 my vintage wire t-shirt from argentina came today in the post!

also drove over to the ups warehouse and
picked up a package from the UK.
Abi's work was lost in the back of the warehouse for two weeks and they called me up
today and told me they had found it!

[she wrapped it in newspaper comics]
it's going up in the gallery- just in time for the second part of the

a fish factory

the last few months,
i have been working on getting a larger warehouse space 
over by the L.A. river and down by the train tracks...
  Where life size installations, film and sound
can all fit nicely together.

fingers are crossed..
to be cont...

[update- got it!]

dish of the day

noelle's poached egg on toast:

~one egg
~pinch of black lava salt
~ extra virgin olive oil
~two small slices of multi wheat sour dough
~slice of heirloom tomato from backyard
~topped with spicy daikon radish sprouts
~and a sprinkle of dash

and then fugu got to lick the plate.


vegetable man

the imaginative and stylish syd barrett


today's breakfast plate

the day that doomsday never happened

  • one man told of how he quit his job because he wasn't going to get a paycheck next week anyway.
  • kids talked about how they were excited about never having to do chores or homework again.
  •  some sit stunned and some drive back home in their mini vans and beg for their jobs back.
  • and now they are sad because they didn't get to disappear.

[ here is a story from 1954...this was taken from an article in Live Science :]
The classic study of "doomsdays gone bad" took place in 1954. A Chicago woman named Dorothy Martin predicted a cataclysmic flood from which a few true believers would be saved by aliens. Martin and her cult, The Seekers, gathered the night before the expected flood to await the flying saucer. Unbeknown to them, however, their group had been infiltrated by psychologist Leon Festinger, who hoped to find out what happens when the rug of people's beliefs is pulled out from under them.
Festinger's study, which became the basis of the book "When Prophecy Fails" (Harper-Torchbooks 1956), revealed that as the appointed time passed with no alien visitors, the group sat stunned. But a few hours before dawn, Martin suddenly received a new prophecy, stating that The Seekers had been so devout that God had called off the apocalypse. At that, the group rejoiced — and started calling newspapers to boast of what they'd done. Eventually, the group fell apart. 



as played by
Алла Назимова
Alla Nazimova
was a russian american film and theatre actress..

 Oscar Wilde's Salome

This is a 1921 vanity fair caricature by Ralph Barton.
Nazimova is the one with the wild black hair.



a break in the middle of the day  with David Bowie

and hang on to yourself..
a very quiet david is getting ready before
he goes on stage..


a desert holiday

 drove out to palm springs over the weekend.
it was james' birthday holiday 
relaxing with fugu and friends.

[our patio view]

he got a massage in the yurt
 and dinner at mr. parker's.
[lobby at the parker]

stayed at the ace for a few days.
[ this was our 4th time staying at the ace with fugu..
he thinks we actually plan these visits for him.
he is mostly right..because it is his favorite place to stay 
and they love him there! ]

[a room with a view]

had a perfect little breakfast out by the pool...
poached eggs on toast
two days in a row.

and music to enjoy your breakfast to..
velouria live by the pixies

[james decided he wants to retire there]


inspired by bauhaus textiles

some of the most beautiful textile designs 

BauHaus Dessau 1925- 1930
by Gunta Stölzl

Gunta Stölzl


mid morning intermission

with jelly roll
today is chilly and's a perfect day for
going to lunch with a friend out at disneyland 


an egg and barnacle bill

the brunch i made and ate on the floor.
the table is still in storage from when we moved back from portland...
but i sort of like dining on the floor.
it's a picnic at every meal..
with dogs and cats strolling around your plate.

and a morning cartoon to watch while having
this lovely breakfast:


made the other day

a few more of
the people i don't know
but wish i did
 {by noelle maline}

a few collages i made...
they are going to be donated to a friend in need


that cat's something i can't explain

'Night prowling, sifting sand
Padding around on the ground
He'll be found
When you're around
That cat's something I can't explain'

a few of my favorite artists
all put into one-
in two parts...

{by carter tutti..
also known previously as 
chris and cosey}
here's a lovely interview at their farm house:
the original
with syd barret


critter land

two of fugu's eyes looking up

 and one of orangina's



art of Marcel Dzama

Marcel Dzama's collaboration with David Byrne on 'The People Tree' track.


pack something different everyday

Q: What is the connection between memory and our sense of time?
A: As we get older, life seems to fly by faster and faster. That's because we structure our experience of time around memories. We remember events in relation to other events. But as we get older, and our experiences become less unique, our memories can blend together. If yesterday's lunch is indistinguishable from the one you ate the day before, it'll end up being forgotten. That's why it's so hard to remember meals. In the same way, if you're not doing things that are unique and different and memorable, this year can come to resemble the last, and end up being just as forgettable as yesterday's lunch. That's why it's so important to pack your life with interesting experiences that make your life memorable, and provide a texture to the passage of time.


Vertigo Room

This room was painted in two days and nights at BUS in Stockholm. A collaboration between the Le Gun folks and the Swedes...The exhibition was curated by Emma Rendel.


let's move to London

for sale :

lot 76
the former shoreditch underground station,
code street, shoreditch, e1 5ew

freehold single floor former station building

full vacant possession
potential for alternative uses


Pedley Street adjacent to Allen Gardens. The property is within a popular residential area with its many trendy shops bars and restaurants, Brick Lane is within easy walking distance and Old Spitalfields Market is close by. Public transport includes Shoreditch High Street (Rail) Station.
Description :
A single floor building – previously Shoreditch Underground Station the property comprises a ticket office, a lobby area, store rooms, plant rooms and a WC.
Approximate Gross Internal Area: 156.9m(1,688ft2).

click on image for all the info...

Mary Nolan

Back on March 11, 1932


Los Angeles, Mar. 11 (UP)
Mary Nolan, blonde film actress, and her husband, Wallace T. Macrery, Jr., to-day were sentenced to serve thirty days in the county jail for failure to pay wage claims.
Municipal Judge Clement D. Nye sentenced Miss Nolan to 750 days and her husband to 840 days but in each case he suspended all but thirty days.

Born Mary Imogene Robertson in Kentucky, Robertson's childhood was beset with hardship that included the death of her mother in 1908 and an absent father. As a child, she worked as a farm laborer, before moving to New York City in 1919 where she worked as a model. Before long, she was discovered by Florenz Ziegfeld, who hired her under the name Imogene Wilson (the first of three name changes she was to have) as a dancer in hisfollies. As a showgirl in New York she was called Bubbles.

She began a long and abusive relationship with comedian Frank Tinney, which would culminate in being hospitalised for injuries he inflicted on her during an argument. Because Tinney was married to another woman, the affair caused a scandal. Mary Robertson was fired from theZiegfeld Follies and subsequently moved to Germany for two years. While in Germany, she made a large number of films.

Moving back to the United States in 1927, Robertson adopted the stage name Mary Nolan and had a brief film career, starring in films such as The Foreign LegionShanghai Lady, and Docks of San Francisco. She made Sorrel and Son for United Artists in 1927, but her film career declined afterwards. In 1928 she co-starred with two great actors, Lon Chaney and Lionel Barrymore, inWest of Zanzibar in what is arguably today her most well-known and heartbreaking silent film role as Chaney's defiled daughter raised in the dives of an African coastal town. In 1933, she made her final screen appearance in File 113. The same year, she sued Hollywood producer Eddie Mannix for $500,000 in damages. She accused him of beating her. In 1937, Nolan was jailed for an unpaid dress bill.
She turned up "sick and broke" at the Actor's Fund Home in Amityville, New York. She regained her health and returned to Hollywood in 1939. She lived there in obscurity with her sister, Mrs. Mabel Rondeau.

Unable to gain work, she became addicted to heroin and died of cardiac arrest on Halloween day, October 31, 1948. She suffered from a chronic gall bladder ailment and had recently been discharged from Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. She was 42 and weighed only 90 pounds when she died in a small stucco bungalow at 1504 South Mansfield Avenue, Los Angeles, California.
Her tiny apartment was simply furnished except for a single possession. There was a huge antique piano formerly owned by Rudolph Valentino, which almost filled her living room. She bought it from the possessions which were once a part of Falcon Lair, Valentino's home. Nolan revered the deceased film actor and kept his photo on the music rack.
Nolan had only recently completed negotiations for the sale of her life story, in screenplay and novel form. She previously sold a similar account to a popular magazine, the second installment of which had only recently been printed.



max & herman

Max Fischer and
Herman Blume in

'are you ok?' max says

'um...i'm a little bit lonely these days.' herman says as he leaves the elevator