Invisible things by Noëlle Maline

With the flicker of a bird .. I prefer distractions and being interrupted . These days , I am a luggage organizer , book filer and background diorama painter .. I look at the night sky and watch old films .. Collect shadows and uncertainties .. I make art with fragments and broken images .. Paper , things and sounds .


middle of November

yesterday is rained.
watched Tron...
while the rain poured down in the street and made a river with leaves.

today for brunch. another variation on the poached egg on toast.
wheat toast, avocado,vine tomato, red onion, poached egg and sprouts on top.

it was misty and wet outside.
went for a walk in the park with fugu.

added some more of my art to my Invisible Things page -

going to start an archive of photos for a tumblr of all the things i am having to get rid of.
An Arduous Archive.. it will be called.
i have got to get out of this rut.
too many things cluttering around me.
i can't keep my family's things forever.

this year has been focused on the gallery and moving it twice and opening it up twice.
so much work and energy involved.
next year i would like to go on many more trips and adventures.
i would also like to make more and get much more of my art work out in the world


paper flowers

On this day
...7 years ago
my mother took her life.

She called me that morning and asked if I could bring over a movie and
a german chocolate milkshake.
I grabbed Big Fish and went over there....

I walked in the house and
I found my mom in the bath tub.
She had shot herself in the head.

On the dining room table..
She had organized important folders, papers and instructions for me.

There was also a note from her that said...

' You might not know this.. but I have always been your biggest fan....
I know you better than you know yourself perhaps...

This life is for the living.. Go live it!
 Don't keep my things.
Those things I collected, were my memories....
You have your own memories to create...

 Most importantly..
Always follow your dreams.

I love you now.
And I will love you always. '

i miss her dearly
love you mom