Invisible things by Noëlle Maline

With the flicker of a bird .. I prefer distractions and being interrupted . These days , I am a luggage organizer , book filer and background diorama painter .. I look at the night sky and watch old films .. Collect shadows and uncertainties .. I make art with fragments and broken images .. Paper , things and sounds .


an interview with Anna Karina

.. And how she came to France .

She once went three weeks without eating.


1972 french television interview with Nico in the background ..

The sky is overcast today.
I'm going to work on straightening up the 
living room a little.. so that when my friends
come over tomorrow
they will have warm places to sit.
I'll start on the sage, walnut and mushroom stuffing
later this evening... And then tomorrow the caramelized
brussel sprouts.  The house will smell so good.

Listening to Nico in the background.

an interview on french television with Nico ...


November... wondering daydream

.. sometimes I get lost 
and daydream off on another
track.. Lately ~
Iv'e been watching some wonderful
movies : The Seven-Per-Cent-Solution is
one that I highly recommend.
And watching Black Books over again.

And ~ Spent some time for my birthday with the
happy sea otters in Shell Beach.
There were zebra's and ostrich running
around in San Simeon. Llama and goats on the
hill sides in Big Sur.
Also~  I've been working on getting some
art exhibitions in places I might like
to travel to..
I would really love to go to
Argentina again..  and might stay there
perhaps. Somewhere in the back
of my mind.

For now
and to be cont...

october xylophones

It's October..
Iv'e been getting my costume together for a night of 
trick or treating on closed desolate streets late at night.

.. spending a lot of time, during the day, listening to
the sounds of xylophones.

And in the evenings..
 watching forgotten movies.

Modern Jazz Quartet plays Lonely Woman in 1962..


nico ~ the ice queen


In 1969 ~ Nico had progressed in looks from
a princess to a peasant. It had been a sluggish journey,
starting with hair tinged a pale strawberry to
please Jim Morrison, to the boots of Spanish
leather she continually wore, then working in from either 
end to effect a seamless mood of rustic grace. 
(She'd smell like a pig farmer sometimes,
she washed so little, grumbled Viva).
Nice was still obsessive about the effect of
her appearance, and when she spoke to
an American magazine in March 1969
she advised others to follow a simple rule:
'Simple means elegant, black means
dramatic, simple and black means elegant
and dramatic - this is a good foundation.
I have even tried perverse combinations,
such as black with brown leather which
I created in my own look.
because it was simple it worked,
and you see it everywhere now.'

'My solution is to underline my Russian-ness. I think
it makes me look as though I am from another world
or another time, which is quite true.'

{about creating The Marble Index)
John Cale was amazed by her preparation: 'She'd written
all the words down. They were clear on paper,
in that spidery gothic script of hers. But
I never saw a manuscript with a lot of 
corrections on it. I only saw - like, if she 
would be sitting down and writing 
something, I'd sneak a look (I think she
would have hated that, had she caught me),
and there was no crossing out. A lot of
thought, and awful lot of thought, had been
given to it before it went down on paper.
That's remarkable, when you think of her
working in an alien language.
And once it was down there, 
it wasn't changed.
She was very confident in her style.

{excerpts from The Life and Lies of an Icon}


Whispering through the other end.. Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf is playing through the speakers in the living room..
and bringing some far away inspiration into this Monday morning.

 And even though it is a holiday for some {labor day}..
For me feels as though there is a bit of work to be done.
From my angle.. Surrounding me are stacks of boxes and books. 
Barware and brushes. Lamps and wires. Mounds of textiles and
old magazines waiting to be searched through and cut out.

Let me bring you up to date.
The month of July was spent packing up the two year gallery installation 
at the fish factory. Day after day was spent wearing old dirty work 
coveralls. Moving, packing, sorting, lifting, driving, unloading...  
Then coming home and finding new bruises on different 
parts of my body.  On the last day of that month.. 
The musee was completely disassembled, the walls were bare and 
the keys were left on the counter as 
we said adieu.

For the month of August.. There were three well needed 
road trips.. A bit of catching up and relaxing with good friends ..
out where there was no service. 
Only mountains, trees and fresh air.

 Up to date...
The house and recently completed studio under the pepper tree..
which are now filled to the roof with art, books, 
frames and old furniture from the gallery... 
Need to be sorted through.
 Edith is assisting me { in the background }
with going through everything and deciding
what is really important and what can be used in the next 
installment of installations. 
The interior goal should be reached in no time.. Having it look like
 a refined yet cluttered Argentine/Parisian cafe/studio 
photograph taken out of an old moldy
decor book.


lurking in the shadows..did you miss me?

Been working in the shadows.. It seems to be
what I do best these days.
in my mind though and lurking around the corner
are my own projects coming to the surface..
All fingers point to...

Ahh Mike Patton..
A few weeks ago, I got to see Tomahawk
for the 2nd time. It was a shear surprise! 
{I can actually say that I have been a fan of his since
Mr. Bungle to Lovage.. stories and all.}
I love this -
Did you miss me?


The stars are out tonight with Ramon

My dear friend, Ramon, who I have been pals with since we were on the playground in 4th grade..and who also is an amazing and hard working hair artist {also my hair artist :) }, worked with this and so I just have to share!... 

Ramon wrote ~ 'I have been a huge Bowie fan since I was a kid, so I apologize for this, but I am over the moon!!! Finally this comes out! Thanks always to super talented Floria and Pamela Neal for having me!!

Hair Colorist to Tilda Swinton and Yves Berlin.

A lot of work and hush hush!!'

 {i thought I shall also post a few photos of 
my hair that Ramon does.. we not only know each other so well..
He creates the most perfect color and cut 
every time.. and i get several compliments every day! }

Thank you Ramon..
My Friend.


sick day = space out holiday

today i am sick.. i can't do much. i can barely think.
it's nice we have computers these days. we can work
on things and write to people with out having to move much.
i was told once.. that when you are sick, 
it is your body taking a vacation. 
i get to space out a lot.

i get to listen to lali puna on my head phones
and make this blog entry.

when i was a kid.. our family car looked
just like this one. ours was orange and wood though.
most of my station wagon time was sitting in the 
very back, with my walkman on, staring out at the road...

when i stare into space..
i think about pup and taco's crinkle fries and a mr. pibb with
the pellet ice. { they other day..tommi brought up how carl's jr. fries 
were the best and 
stephanie was talking about the small pellet ice and how
soda tastes best in it... i agree. }

{exterior of pup and taco}

i should try to work on some collages,
frame some prints
 and go through my closet
to get rid of some things i don't wear..

{interior of a pup and taco}

happy valentines day to...

to James...

 to Fugu..

to all my cats...


you never do what you oughta

I was just watching a strange interview 
with Joan Crawford from 1970 on 
The David Frost Show..
I just find her strange I guess
because of the stories my mom told me about her
and all the other stories that came up about her home life..
She always sort of gave me the chills.
This was on the side bar while I was watching it and I kept
 glancing over at it and So I thought it might have something to do
with each other.. 
Perhaps not.
I do love David Bowie's Sorrow though..

Here is the Joan Crawford segment.


thoughts for the day..

A few thoughts for the day by Stephen Fry...

1. I think we have all experienced passion 
that is not in any sense reasonable.

2. Generally, we admire the thing we are not.

3. I like to think of myself at home in the armchair, writing, smoking 
and occasionally wandering down the shop.

{ Hugh Laurie playing chess with Stephen Fry }

{ Stephen Fry directed one of my favorite films,
Bright Young Things which was adapted
by him from Evelyn Waugh's
Vile Bodies... He also made the award
winning documentary,
Stephen Fry : 
The Secret life of 
the Manic Depressive. }

{Stephen and Hugh}


the sea, a star and eye

 a collage i did this morning.. made this from a still 
while watching the
Le Ballet Mecanique by Fernand Leger {1924}
listening to the Pixies..
The Sea, a Star and Eye.

A sight and sound intermission..

and Ana by the Pixies