Invisible things by Noëlle Maline

With the flicker of a bird .. I prefer distractions and being interrupted . These days , I am a luggage organizer , book filer and background diorama painter .. I look at the night sky and watch old films .. Collect shadows and uncertainties .. I make art with fragments and broken images .. Paper , things and sounds .


sutro baths

One of the best places to go and sit by yourself.

  copy and paste this tiny movie of people sliding into the pool...

This is the Sutro Baths in San Francisco.
I make it a point to go there every time I am in S.F.
There is a cave you can walk in when the tide is low - and black seaweed washes up onto the ruins.

It's a left behind bath house ghost town where hundreds of people went to show off their fancy wool bathing suits. There was an amusement park down the beach and a camera obscura up on the hill by the old Musee Mechanique and Cliff House.


swimming pools

There has been a lure to abandoned places and empty swimming pools for some time now. I see them as sad places left behind, where people used to have fun and laugh and pee in the water...And then these holes are left to get stale with black water and fall apart with roots coming up out of the ground and pushing the tiles aside -They are like smelly graves where the kids used to play and get raisined. 

[this is from a holiday travel watch safety site- and found it odd?]
'Many serious injuries and deaths are caused by swimming accidents.
Do not use a swimming pool unless you are satisfied it is safe. Follow these basic rules:'
-The bottom of the pool should be visible at all times.

-Cloudy water could be a hygiene hazard.

-Do not enter the pool during cleaning or when chemicals are being added.
to be cont.

Marine testing

One day, while walking down the street...

This was here - on the Marine and Environmental building.
Then the very next day it was gone.


natural history/not so natural history

A day at the museum of natural history.
A completely different day at a shooting gallery.



It seems there are two things I am surrounded by each day - books and bicycles. Today, I mention the bikes.
James took me to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show [NAHBS] last week. We saw some really nice bikes. This was one of my favorites.
Here I am in Whistler at Crankworx. It's one of the hugest downhill and mountain bike events in the world. Thousands of people of all ages on bikes, walking bikes, eating hot dogs on bikes, mangled from bikes, rocks stuck in their faces from riding...
[that's me-standing alone by the jumps - james is on the hill next to the spy70 guy, getting a different angle]
Here is a good site to see candid photos of girls on bicycles.

And this is an image I found of an Elswick factory in Great Britain.
This guy might be working on my bike.
And for those of you who have not seen this -
It's an old safety film.


snow time machine

 Back in time a few weeks ago...
This was a trip to June Mountain- a little up the road, past Mammoth Mountain. Stopped part way to get some of the worlds best jerky and nuts- or so they say. It is pretty good though and they have a place for pets to stretch their legs out in the back.

Once we got up the mountain, we stopped at the provisions store in Mammoth. Got candles, spaghetti, coffee, bread and peanut butter. The store was crowded and the shelves were half empty because the news told people to stock up and prepare for a black out. The wind was blowing and the snow was pounding.
When it cleared up for a little while- there were magic snow men everywhere outside our cabins. Then the second storm came and we waited and waited with no electricity, cell or internet reception. The roads were closed going in and out- we kept the wood burning in the stove and then after a few days, dug out the car.
The roads were still closed but we got word that some of the lifts were opening up just around the corner... Below is the June Mountain parking lot- with nobody else in it. Kids from town walked over though- carrying skis and snow boards through the unplowed powder.
It was a perfect snow day- There were about ten of us up there- I fell once and sunk about 5 feet into the fluffy stuff and just stayed there staring up at the sky and the huge flakes falling down ... About 10 minutes later, a snowboard blade almost cut my head in half- So I thought it was time to get out of the hole and go back down to the lift for another.


no parking-sad cupcakes

Over in the industrial area of NW Portland on the way to the Powells warehouse to sell some more books...Stopped to take a snap of this tidy little story.
And after a few glasses of wine and episodes of cash cab one night- decided to make some homemade cupcakes for dessert. Actually they are vanilla, almond poppy seed muffins disguised as sad cupcakes. The red squiggles - the tube was hard to squeeze... These had been sitting out for a few days and were starting getting hard. i think they were still good- i didnt have any of them.

good morning hot dogs

This is an old menu from a Chicago restaurant. My uncle collected menus on a road trip from Chicago to California. Its hanging on the wall in my kitchen nook, along with the others.
So for breakfast- a hot dog from one of the best little hot dog places around. The dog hut. When you go up to the window to order, there are pictures of dogs all over- barking dogs, dogs with drool and wiener dogs.
On my lap, in the car - it was good.


trip to Calico ghost town

we got to calico and wandered around...talking about how it would have been to live there or get stuck in the mine and nobody ever hearing you. we walked off the trails and then had a sarsparilla in the bar.
paintings of old gunfighters and a player piano playing.
we could hear people yelling from inside the mines...
do we go for help? No...we go to Vegas.
Seamus, Jessica and I pretending like we were in the 'oceans' movie. 
And then it was to the halloween parties- Jessica is being pecked to death by 'the birds'.

trash receptacle

 Seems to sum up a typical day in portland. 
For a while... The 'Potato' missing flyers were of a pit bull sort of dog. Poor Potato.
I really liked this linoleum or formica that was in this diner. 
And brunch was pretty good. 


I got an old british handle bar bag for my Elswick. Its an army green color with brown leather.

This is my bike...i think its from the 1930s. Could be from the early 1940s though.
Ive learned a lot about bicycles in the last few years. James and I go to bike stores all over the place and he does a nice narration for me...about parts and styles and the history of them.


afternoon matinee

some sort of poo berry did this to my window. thats the backyard submarine parked in the background. some of my friends stay in it when they visit. and dogs too. 

here is fugu after he went poo in the way backyard. those guys in the background were brought all the way up here from california-    before that, they were in my mom's backyard forever.
on this corner, around 9am, on a completely different day - i saw jack white standing there smoking and drinking a coffee. thats a sex shoppe in that building.


Random Portland day

This picture was sort of hidden behind the cash register in the japanese market- 

Stopped to get some espresso beans-

Counting down the days left here in Portland...I've lived here for only about a year now and plan on moving back to L.A. soon-
So I thought I might take more photos of the randomness in my daily life up here in the Pacific Northwest

Then went over to a Japanese market to pick up some curry, fukuzinzuke, and UCC coffees.
I used to get these coffees in Japan town in downtown L.A.- This is the first time I have seen them in Portland- so I stocked up.

The Pup and Taco

First of all...
I thought I would start off my first entry here with a Pup and Taco story.
I really like saying Pup and Taco, Pup and Taco...over and over. I must have said it about 150 times yesterday, trying to fit it into every topic.
  But- no really, 

there was a Pup and Taco at the Los Coyotes Diagonal that I used to go to after school. 

This picture gives you an idea of what they generally looked like on the inside. The Pup and Taco I frequented was in an A frame sort of like some of the old Der Wienerschnitzels still around. [ I found these pictures on someone else's site and got really excited because I had practically forgotten all about Pup and Tacos.]

From what I remember- the tacos were simple and perfect for kids who liked plain food, which I did, but some of the kids would get their hot dogs smothered with chili - which I couldn't stand the smell of because it reminded me of sloppy joe day breath. That was just my opinion, of coarse. 

Now that diagonal is occupied by an El Pollo Loco.