Invisible things by Noëlle Maline

With the flicker of a bird .. I prefer distractions and being interrupted . These days , I am a luggage organizer , book filer and background diorama painter .. I look at the night sky and watch old films .. Collect shadows and uncertainties .. I make art with fragments and broken images .. Paper , things and sounds .



[thank you for sending this to me today james...
one of the sweetest things iv'e seen.
little fugu does that too.]


onions and turnips in the post

This is a story about W. Reginald Bray.

Bray lived for most of his life in Forest Hill, Kent from birth in 1879 to 1938 before moving to Croydon where he passed away in 1939. His lifelong passion was to send items through the post that, in one form or other, challenged the Postal system. He even had himself "delivered" on more than one occasion having paid the requisite postage. After experimenting with a number of postal curios his main focus was on the collection of autographs through the post. He sent out thousands of cards to all types of people, ranging from the Pope to the local Station Master, asking for them to return the relevant item duly autographed.

Over the years Reginald amassed over 15,000 autographs, declaring himself the Autograph King - a title that was undisputed by his peers.

He posted onions, turnips, combs and curios...
Among an array of other things.

[information from a website dedicated to the postal activities of
W. Reginald Bray.]

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aloha from the sea

just got back from a trip to Kauai.
this was a view from the hotel looking out at
Shipwreck beach.

this is a crane that lives in the lagoon.
we would pass by her every day and say 
Lovely Lady'!
that is her name by the way...

she always said hello back to us..

one day we drove all the way up to the 
Waimea Canyon and stopped at all the lookouts.
this was a little nene [chicken] that followed us to the edge of this
lookout and back.
she was just one of the several nene's that were everywhere we went.


music, Lloyd & the queen's ship

i got to go onboard the queen mary and 
help james play music for our
friend's wedding reception-
 it was for jamie and peter's romantic day!
it was also the art deco society weekend aboard the ship-
so there were many people strolling around
the decks wearing their time machine pieces.
i wore this really long, 1930's inspired dress.. 

[view of me from dj james]

and james wore his fancy gentleman clothes with his vintage
round glasses.

[view of james at his music station]

the first half of the evening were sounds inspired by the
period of the queen mary's history... or what one
 might have listened to
while having a cocktail in 
the gold room & having a chat with Lloyd,
 in the 'Shining' -  
 far away music & the distant echoing sounds of
people dining
and clinging their glasses together 
and then
dancing late into the night..

[a james and i moment]

one of my favorite bars with Lloyd behind it...

[the gold room]


a ride through town and a tea party picnic...

today we will do this...

and this

and that is all...


once upon a time

in the west...

                  [Claudia Cardinal]

before i moved up to portland,
i went to a garage sale at a tune up and car repair garage that was closing down
in my neighborhood.
they mostly had crates of oily parts and dirty tools for sale.
there were some things mixed underneath the grime 
that i found to be interesting. when i asked about them, an older man came out and told me that he had been collecting spaghetti western memorabilia for a while and that those were his.
one of the things
i found was an oil stained frame with a movie still photo in it.
it was a scene from the film above.
the scene where the man is being dragged behind a horse.
i hung it on the kitchen wall in the portland home and i would look at it while having my morning coffee.
then arcade fire came out this song and video and i thought it went together perfectly...

this is a song that i can listen to over and over...
and i do.

[song by arcade fire]