Invisible things by Noëlle Maline

With the flicker of a bird .. I prefer distractions and being interrupted . These days , I am a luggage organizer , book filer and background diorama painter .. I look at the night sky and watch old films .. Collect shadows and uncertainties .. I make art with fragments and broken images .. Paper , things and sounds .




i woke up in my home today
and i like my little place

your home reflects who you are
so they say

and my house is a mess
it's my fault though

moving back and forth
and everywhere else
i'm a mess
or so i say

they told me this might become a problem
thinking that the grass was greener
on the other side

that oz isn't over there

and i always knew that somehow

this is a film called 


a young girl's private world becomes
far more real than everyone else's
day to day life...

astoundingly neglected, this exercise in
the horror genre is as disturbing as any
film with a flashier budget and special effects.

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