Invisible things by Noëlle Maline

With the flicker of a bird .. I prefer distractions and being interrupted . These days , I am a luggage organizer , book filer and background diorama painter .. I look at the night sky and watch old films .. Collect shadows and uncertainties .. I make art with fragments and broken images .. Paper , things and sounds .


new camera & my walls

i recently got a new camera and these are the very first
photos i took with i was trying to figure it out and
reading through the steps,
they really came out so rich and full
and turned out pretty nice...
for an amateur practice shoot.
these are few images of my inspiration walls
in the bedroom.
the pretty wood paneling is also inspiring because
my grandpa put them up about
60 years ago...
i love these looks - with the scarf and the hair piece
spiraled around in some contained netting---
imagining them as sort of a modern peacock
version of a 1970's Faye Dunaway and
a 1930's Bonnie sitting at a 1940's cafe
in Chinatown...

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