Invisible things by Noëlle Maline

With the flicker of a bird .. I prefer distractions and being interrupted . These days , I am a luggage organizer , book filer and background diorama painter .. I look at the night sky and watch old films .. Collect shadows and uncertainties .. I make art with fragments and broken images .. Paper , things and sounds .


smaller than a snowflake

sometimes i like to think that there were two things that impacted me as a kid. one of them was this ride.[the other was the submarine ride]- i really believed that we were being shrunk smaller than a snowflake. it was amazing. and more amazing that i believed...

a postcard from the adventures thru inner space ride.
the lobby while waiting line...and the huge eyeball watches.
scientists working hard on the model.

vintage polariod

i think what drew me to this photo-
was that
 she seems creepy and awkward.
i guess if a were posing for a press shot, this is how i would want to pose-

this was her publicity [stripper ] shot.


pup and taco puppets

actually i wish i were sitting outside, 
in the sunshine, 
eating tacos with mild sauce, 
sipping mr. pibb-
with my pup and taco puppets and friends.

if this were a test

do you remember the tests that interrupted saturday morning cartoons?
here is a little info about those annoying alerts that no longer happen.

The EBS was initiated in 1963.
EBS replaced the CONELRAD system instituted in 1951.
The EBS was replaced by the EAS which initiated in 1994 and was fully implemented nationwide in 1997.


ernest bathrooms

iv'e been looking for old tiles to redo my bathroom and bring it back to it's 1939 original character.
i also want to have some sample images on hand to show the tile man just what it is i'm trying to go for.
these would be my fantasy washrooms.
it's nice to daydream.

the bathroom above is from his Cuban estate. he wrote down his daily weight on the wall. see the scale on the floor.

the photo below is the bathroom from his estate in Key West.
(top photo by dbarefoot- bottom on by arlol67)


yesterland project

walking around disneyland and looking for new and different things that i've never noticed before is a nice pass time to do when bored with the same old things.
and this is why i get a year pass-
it's cheaper than a year of therapy, plus it's nice to go out to dinner and go on a ride.

it's a diorama of the park back in the days of when they first started working on the magic kindom.
below- the fort where the atm machine is- in frontier land.
 i like looking at all the details that are hidden around corners that rarely one might notice.
this is in a new orleans alley.


another magical day

this is inside one of the old games at the penny arcade on main street usa.

this is where i've wanted to live since i was little. in that cave, next to the murky water with the ducks- over by tom sawyer's island.
goat and me.
i was waiting for james to finish his candy shopping and got tired.



after reading a biography about Dorthy Parker-
i wanted to go have a drink and dinner at the Algonqiun in New York. the menu is pretty much the same as it was back in the 30's and drinks are named after some of the famous writers.

the toilet project continues

some more toilets that caught my eye in new york.
i like the tile work in the above photo. 

sometimes i would excuse myself to go use the bathroom - just to take a picture.



i love this lady...Joan Vollmer was her name.
this was Edie Parker's impression of Joan -

'Joan's beauty was more than the sum of it's parts. she was soft and feminine, and wore silky clingy clothes and small bandannas tied close to her head. in her reserve, in her personal style, she reminded me of Garbo.

'you should always cook eggs slowly' was Joan's advice in the kitchen on 118th street. Joan did everything slowly,---she spoke, walked, dressed and read if savoring every moment.

the public toilet project

i've been taking random photos of public toilets and bathrooms on my travels... here are some in new york- can't remember which one is from where- but i used toilets at the library, washington square park and grand central station are where these are from.