with the flicker of a bird


the road and the mountain

when I first watched movie The Mountain
I remember the long quiet moments
staying with me the most
the entire movie seems to have
that sort of lingering tone

I made this while I was watching 
it the second time 
layering the images and sounds
which created more of a memory

 the long moments staring out 
the window
on unfamiliar roads 



Henry Darger and the girls in the floor rugs

.. They attempt to get away by rolling

themselves in floor rugs 

inspiration for the day ˚˙•



gold behind their eyes

Gold behind their eyes
 a halo of transmitters on their heads
staring into recorded memories 
of the places in a beforeland 

it's the end of October 
 thinking of all the other Octobers 
when no one was watching 
when things were experienced 
and rarely documented 



. recorders for eyes .

recording memories 
and eavesdropping on dreams
somewhere in the back of my mind

her eyes are recorders

{layered painting collage on paper}

somewhere in the back of someone else's dreams ..
sounds of movements


a story of a diorama of an art exhibition

when I lived in Portland

I opened a small art gallery and museum

called  Musee16  ~A diorama of an art exhibition 

{art by Chris Lawson}

it was on the corner of 16th street 
in an old pharmacy 
next to a happy creperie

everyday I looked forward to sitting in the
calm gray blues of the walls
surrounded by old windows
that the rain would pour down on

listening to things like Moondog ,
Red Norvo , Francois de Roubaix
and Syd Barrett and installing artworks
while the streetcars would pass by

organizing objects and collections of things  ,
 rotating themes and collaborating
with so many splendid artists

getting to meet the inspiring
people that would wander in out of the rain
and share their interesting stories

{art by Chaim Garcia}

some of the artists and I
would trade pieces when the exhibit had ended 
I still have a piece by Chris and one of Chaim's pieces
up on my wall 
now in my living room


. she sat by the sea . bath tub recording .

she sat by the sea
and thought about Jupiter 
it was sparkling floating next to the moon

I spent a while mixing this blue
using four different colors 
inspired from a dream I had
the other night

sitting in the bath tub with 
my recorder and sounds
closed the door and the window
and made this with
an old photograph I collected
and drew on



recording dreams

recording dreams
with imaginary devices

and listening to the sounds
of the invisible 
mixed media layered collage painting

shifting things around 
and listening to Can
in the background
of the studio this morning 



. shoes with gold . transmitters .

shoes with gold
so that I can
hear you better

sitting by the edge
of the pool

(mixed media collage painting)
the print is available in the shop )



. eyes and electrical currents .

a few things I worked on last week 
inspired by last month's slow
moving pace
and at the same time
moving like an
electrical current

I have set up a sound system
a few cassette recorders and microphone
a turn table with a broken waltz
in the bathtub
and recorded the sounds
from the pipes under 
the house 

(the full field recording is on the website)


it's more like a sound . a book of ghost portraits

It's more like a sound .. 

a book of ghost portraits
 that I made during our remote-ness 
and days of long lingering unknown

This small book of 20 pages 
is filled of ghost portraits
 painted with layers of gouache , cut paper and ink on paper

Its is a 5 x 7 soft cover book that has a thick card stock feel
and printed on 100% recycled archival paper

I am happy that it is now available for purchase in the shop )



ghosts of imaginary friends

 these last few months 

especially the weeks 

 and the days 

 have seemed like a collective challenge
and an experiment of how much one 
can endure
through all of this 
that is going on 

being in now 
in a world of uncertainties
for months

has found inspiration in visiting
imaginary friends , ghosts of the past
and memories of others

Ghost of ione
{gouache paint ink mixed media collage on paper}

 Imaginary friend
{gouache paint ink mixed media collage on old photograph}

these new pieces are quiet moments 
taking bits of contemplation
 to step away from the news of the world
 setting aside time 
 sitting in the studio each day
and visiting these friends 


A ghost and stairs

 A ghost 

An in-between the
dark days of
October November
mixed media collage gouache paint and ink on paper
by noelle maline

October ghost

I'm a ghost


October November 
the longest months
I'm a ghost
mixed media
gouache and paint on found cabinet card


Signals floating on a telephone in the sky

There are a few new lovely things in the art store . I really
like one . The colors . Her black arm band and the
waves below fit nicely on this rectangle .
 Signals floating . Floating signals .

A little communication box . She is in the store
and there are a few other things that she looks good on in
the store also )


the sky . one and two .

The other day .. working in the studio . painting the walls
with powder paint and gesso . organizing boxes . the light is just right
in the mornings . a little haze of shade from the half windows and the
pepper trees . paper walls with masking tape from an installation
a few years back .

The parallel worlds we are living in and have been .. are hovering over
us like . reminders of the fog and somewhere in the in between .
mixed media on paper . The sky one and two .

(~sounds from the back of my mind in the back of the studio)
all mine .